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511462 Messy Chrysalis 5-6mm (LTD. RUN) CiM ca. 33cm

511462 Messy Chrysalis 5-6mm (LTD. RUN) CiM ca. 33cm

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A dense opal green.

"The goal was for Chrysalis to be an opaque version of Kryptonite, in fact, and while it is more opaque - it is lighter in saturation and hue too. It gets quite a bit lighter too when worked, and goes more opaque. It's not as translucent as the opals [i.e. Kryptonite], and mostly - it will function as an opaque if it is used, say, as the base of a bead. But if you use it thin, or so that light can shine through it, like a thin leaf or wing - then you can see the light shining through. So I'm not sure how it will fair as, say, small dots on a strongly coloured background. You might need to back it with white then. This photo show Chrysalis at the top, and Kryptonite below."


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