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511465 Creation is Messy Oobleck ab 4mm (LTD.RUN) CiM ca.33cm

511465 Creation is Messy Oobleck ab 4mm (LTD.RUN) CiM ca.33cm

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 An opaque vibrant acid green.

"I had to look up the word Oobleck and when I did it made me grin from ear to ear to know that it's gooey green stuff that fell from the sky in a Dr Seuss book. How glorious is that! . . . . I am a huge fan of Oobleck, it is a truly zingy lime green. One of the lovely things to find is that along with being awesomely bright it seems to be very dense too which means that it is equally bright and beautiful as tiny dots or fine stringer lines. Also it doesn't look very much paler under encasement than as a solid colour bead."


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