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511621 Messy Color Emperor ab 4mm (LTD. RUN) CiM ca. 33cm

511621 Messy Color Emperor ab 4mm (LTD. RUN) CiM ca. 33cm

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A golden transparent purple.

"Emperor is a purple-plum-pink and if you hold it up to the sunlight it just glows this wonderful deep cherry jam pink colour. That’s brilliant but when I layered it thinly over the white? Heck, I actually did a “Wooo!” out loud in the shed! LOOK AT IT. It’s a red-pink-plum shade that I have never seen in the beady world before. Like Rubino, Emperor is a bit of a striking glass but not in a tricky way. Just work with it and it’ll do most of the striking on its own as you work on adding stringer and doing general bead faffery. You’ll need to strike it if you’re using it for plain spacers, though."


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