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Double Helix Nyx Körnung fein 104 AK 10gr.

Double Helix Nyx Körnung fein 104 AK 10gr.
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Double Helix Nyx Körnung fein 104 AK 10gr.

Nyx is not just a new color but a new kind of color.  Nyx will reduce  to a mirror-like or multi-colored luster, as you'd expect from a Double Helix color, but Nyx does something else!  Though the rods start out black as Night, Nyx will kiln strike through a steady fade of  Midnight Blue, LapisPeacockTurquoise, and Sky Blue.  You can determine the coloration through annealing time, temperature and placement in your kiln.  

Tips:    We recommend kiln striking a rod of Nyx to estimate the kiln striking time at your annealing temperature.  Our kiln striking tests were perfomed between 950 and 970 degrees F.  One hour annealing time produced Midnight blue, while Sky Blue  tones developed over three to four hours.  Higher annealing temperatures push the Sky Blue to a greenish color.  Encasing may alter kiln struck color. 


Encasing heavily reduced Nyx can produce a mother-of-pearl effect.  Speckled and swirled organic effects can be acheived by working the glass very hot before application.  Excessive reduction followed by kiln striking can produce earthy caramel tones.

Our frit is run through a magnet trap to remove any metal particles from the crushing equipment and is then washed to remove the glass powder from the fine, medium and coarse.  Sold in 2 oz quantities.  They come packaged in glass jars that are reusable or recyclable.

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