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511445 Messy Envy 5-6mm (LTD. RUN) CiM ca. 33cm

511445 Messy Envy 5-6mm (LTD. RUN) CiM ca. 33cm
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Art.Nr.: 511445
511445 Messy Envy 5-6mm (LTD. RUN) CiM ca. 33cm

"The latest reaction of CiM's Envy gives me butterflies. The initial color is a transparent emerald, but a reaction occurs when paired with a dark ivory that awakens the nutty glass nerd inside. Kind of like the joker's guttural laugh rising from my soul, but I digress.... back to the cool reaction which creates a new band of color between Envy and ivory glass. This is not a moody metallic line of demarcation one might expect, but a rich avocado halo of awesomeness

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