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511457 Messy Yangtze 6,5- 7mm (LTD. RUN) CiM ca. 33cm

511457 Messy Yangtze 6,5- 7mm (LTD. RUN) CiM ca. 33cm

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"I am in two minds about Yangtze. It is full of micro bubbles and the end of the rod boils very easily, leaving bubbles that don't go away. I would normally dismiss this as poor quality glass, but I do really like the way the nuggets look - it is different from an opalino, or an etched bead, or from baking soda bubbles. It is a muted non-uniform colour which is quite different from the rest of the palette. I think it would do well to pair with or mimic semi-precious beads which have cloudiness or inclusions, where most transparent glass beads alongside those look too brash and uniform in colour. So if you have a very specific use-case, it might be useful."


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